Graphene is an amazing new material that can be used for almost anything. Here, I have written a powerpoint presentation about it (look out for my idea about graphene alloys that I call “GRALLOYS”):



Games reviews 2

Now that I have an XBOX 360, I have quite a few new games I play. Here are my favourite.

Call Of Duty Ghosts







COD Ghosts is one of my favourite games, but now I’ve got Destiny I don’t  play it as much. Currently, on online, I am a prestige 4 level 31. I would rate Ghosts a 9.


Minecraft is basically an infinite game. You can make nearly anything out of 100s of blocks. You can choose creative mode, to build huge buildings and contraptions. Or you can choose survival mode and attempt to survive with just a map and progress to being rich with diamonds. I would also rate minecraft a 9.


The two main parts of FIFA 14 that I play are pro clubs and ultimate team. They are very fun to play. I can’t wait till FIFA 15. I would rate FIFA 14 a 9.5.








Destiny is definitely my favourite game at the moment, I am a level 11 warlock at the moment. The graphics are amazing and the game play is even better. I really like the fact that there is an online campaign, because then I can play with my friends and one, who is a level 20, can level me up quicker by doing harder levels. Even going to the tower is fun, and its just supposed to be for getting free things for doing missions. I would rate it 10.



New Edit

I have now got some new games.

COD Advanced Warfare:

At first I thought it was rubbish but then I started to enjoy it. I love the idea of supply drops and getting alternate versions of weapons. My favourite gun is the IMR – Feedback. 9.5/10


I was extremely disappointed when I found out they removed pro clubs for Xbox 360 and PS3. I don’t play it much because it gets boring. 6/10

WWE 2K15

I got this game fairly recently because my friend got it for his birthday and he said it was really fun. It is a very enjoyable game and the creation part is so much better than other games I have played. 9.5/10


I have now had a lot more experience of destiny. I have a warlock, titan and hunter all at level 32. My favourite is probably the titan. I am really looking forward to the house of wolves expansion, especially if it means I can upgrade my fatebringer. Still 10/10.

New BBC Logo (Inspired by W1A)

Recently, I have been watching a comedy called W1A, it is a sitcom about BBC. My dad started watching this program before me, but luckily it is still only on episode 3, today is episode 4. In the 3rd episode, BBC hire a company called Perfect Curve to rebrand BBC for a new logo. In the section at the end where it shows scenes from the next episode, (which is today) it showed what they have come up with. Personally, I don’t think it’s very good, so I have made a new one. You compare them and say what you prefer in the comments.W1A screenshot - new BBC logo

Clues: My logo has to do with music and the colours are related to the letters B and C.BBC Logo 1.0


As one of my summer holidays projects, I have done grass.  Most people think of it as a weed, but after watching ‘How to Grow a Planet’, I changed my mind. Read the pdf document and learn about the amazing evolutionary history of grass: how it battled against giant trees (and won, with fire), staved off herbivores (for a while) and helped spark human civilization (by starting farming).  Once you have read it, you should still watch ‘How to Grow a Planet’, it is very interesting.

Clash of Clans: Tips and Tricks

Using Gems

Firstly, I have to say I’m not the kind of person who spends hundreds of pounds on gems, my dad lets me get the cheapest choice once a month (he also plays Clash of Clans). Then I wondered what would be the best way to use the gems. I searched on the internet and found a great website, VK’s Journey in Clash of Clans.   It has all the stats of how to best use gems and showed how some uses of gems seem better at first but are actually a big loss compared to others. It shows that boosting barracks isn’t as good as just skipping training as you have to still wait for boosting, also, boosting mines and collectors is a huge amount worse than buying gold and elixir. It actually takes 6 hours and it doesn’t get as much resources.

Making your Base

To make your base you should think about some things:

  • Are you going for resources or trophies,
  • What level are the people who attack you,
  • How much gold and elixir have you got,
  • How much gold and elixir do you want before your next upgrade (in other words, what are you saving it for)


Personally, I don’t care about trophies but I need lots of resources, I am going for hogriders (which cost 1.5 million elixir) and I need to use gold for upgrading my defences. You need to keep only defences, resources and your clan castle (depending on how much your clan donates) in your wall if you are farming (not caring about trophies and leaving your town hall outside). If you are not farming you also need your town hall inside the wall.  This will mean you won’t lose too many trophies.  As you can see my town hall is outside and my resource stores are very well walled in with lots of defences around them.  Now I should be able to increase my elixir to 1.5 million quite easily.


Clash of Clans Cheats

I was once tempted to do cheats for Clash of Clans but my dad told me not to because they could have viruses on them. So to teach me he decided to make a virtual machine.  In there I could test out as many programs I wanted to and from which the virus wouldn’t be able to escape. I then looked through probably the top 50 hacks and all of them required you to do a survey or a subscription. To do the survey you had to put your details in so I put fake details in and a fake email address I created. Even when I did do the survey it didn’t work so I tried another one, and another one, and so on. The subscription ones required money so I didn’t do those. Then my dad told me that to cheat on Clash of Clans you need to be able to hack the Supercell servers and if somebody had done this then it wouldn’t be long before the company closed them down again. However, if you have a jail broken phone you can give yourself free gems but you’ll probably banned from Clash of Clans.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t try to get hacks from the internet because they can cost you money, waste your time or put a virus on your computer or device and that device will be useless unless you have professional help (from an expert like me).