Child Genius

Some of you may know that the program ‘Child Genius‘ has just started on Channel 4. It is about very clever children and what they do. 1500 people in London and South East England were recommended by schools and psychologists (in my case, professor Joan Freeman). Online, I did a test, it had interesting questions I had never done before.

I was one of the 200 people who passed and got to go to City of Westminster College. While we were there, we did a test and an interview. The test was matrices and got progressively harder. The interview was filmed and I was with my mum. I did a presentation on Tri-Ball for 5 minutes and then nearly half an hour of interview which I really enjoyed.  It was a whole day and we got to play outside with Dad and Jai but were called back in to get the results.  I was to progress to the next round – only 30 children were chosen out of the 200.

The next round was at the Wall to Wall HQ and was again a whole day. Dad was at work but joined me, mum and Jai at lunchtime as he was working close by that day. There was an IQ test – The Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices (Plus Version, 2004). I thought I did quite well and it turns out I did extremely well.  Here are my results:

Ravens test results

Ravens test results

After this round, from the 30 in each region, only about 5 would get selected so that in total there would be 20 on the programme.  I did the WISC-IV test this time and again did very well but I didn’t make it through. Here are my results:

WISC-IV test results

WISC-IV test results

The main decision was at this point in the hands of Channel 4 and not Wall to Wall or any psychologists. I had mixed feelings about not getting through. On the one hand “I’D BE ON TV!!!”.  But on the other hand, “I’d be on TV”. I would get recognised but I’m sure I’d get quite nervous. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise.


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