Clash of Clans Cheats

I was once tempted to do cheats for Clash of Clans but my dad told me not to because they could have viruses on them. So to teach me he decided to make a virtual machine.  In there I could test out as many programs I wanted to and from which the virus wouldn’t be able to escape. I then looked through probably the top 50 hacks and all of them required you to do a survey or a subscription. To do the survey you had to put your details in so I put fake details in and a fake email address I created. Even when I did do the survey it didn’t work so I tried another one, and another one, and so on. The subscription ones required money so I didn’t do those. Then my dad told me that to cheat on Clash of Clans you need to be able to hack the Supercell servers and if somebody had done this then it wouldn’t be long before the company closed them down again. However, if you have a jail broken phone you can give yourself free gems but you’ll probably banned from Clash of Clans.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t try to get hacks from the internet because they can cost you money, waste your time or put a virus on your computer or device and that device will be useless unless you have professional help (from an expert like me).



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