About Jeevan (aged 11)

Hello, my name is Jeevan.  I am now 11 years old.  I started this blog when I was 8.  In many Indian languages (including Hindi and Punjabi), Jeevan means life. This is why I chose “Jeevan’s Life” for my blog title as it can be read as “Jeevan is life” and also that the blog is about my life.

I love science and maths and computer programming (these days I program in Lua which is easily the best language ever invented).  My dad works as a software consultant so that is why I am also interested in computers.

I also love playing football and am doing the Fantasy Premier League.  Football is the best sport ever.  No argument.

I like growing plants and have a billion pots in our greenhouse. I water them every day. They are growing very well. I planted the cucumber, spring onion, the rare exotic dinosaur plant and Venus flytrap and my granny planted the tomatoes, chillies and aubergines.

My favourite books are the “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series and also the films Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1, 2 and 3.  My other favourite film is “Inception” – it has great ideas in it (I like the quote “The most dangerous thing is an idea”).

I have one sister older than me and I love my mum, dad and my sister very much. They are really kind and fun but my sister can get very annoying.  She has a blog as well, it is called Hyperactive Jai.



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  2. Hi Jeevan. Delighted to hear that you have a thing for tabla at such a tender age. I’m much older than you but I’m also a tabla freak myself. Actually I’ve been at it for like 26 years.
    We’ll link up God-willing and make some noise together. Keep smacking those drums man! Good job.

    God bless you,

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