The Most Amazing PES Match

I know I have already done a post about an amazing PES match, but that had only 15 goals; this game had 104 goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not lying, seriously! This did happen. What actually happened was I played as ‘Jeevan’s Team’ against the worst team ever, ‘The Best Team’. It’s not actually the best. I played a 30 minute game. It ended 104-00 to me! I bet you can’t beat that, if you do, tell everyone in the comments.104-0 1 104-0 2


3 is the Magic Number

A few days after I finished Tri-Ball, I played PES 2013 with my dad, it was the most amazing match I have ever played (the score was 9-6 to me). Not only was it a 15-goal game, the scoring pattern was very peculiar: first, I scored 3 goals in a row, then, my dad scored 3 goals in a row, after that, I scored 3 again, my dad scored 3 and finally I scored the final 3 goals, and that is how it ended 9-6. It’s just coincidence that my last post was Tri-Ball and that was all about 3s. Here is a picture to show the ridiculous score:

dis score must be a alien or sutin.

Screen-shot of PES goals time-line

By the way, I created a player called Jeevan and now I’ve made a team of just Jeevans. I made a green player called A ALIEN OR SUTIN.

Tri-Ball – The brand new football game

One day, me and my dad were on my trampoline, then, I wondered what football would be like if there were 3 teams. After that, we started to have many ideas about it, so we decided to write up rules about it. We decided to call it Football 3s but it turns out that name is already taken, so instead, we named it Tri-Ball. We kept on adding rules and we overcame many problems, my dad helped write the rules up to make it more legalese. Here are the slogans and the logo: (On the PDF, I only used two of the slogans because two were by my dad and we wanted to make it more by me. I made the logo, do you like it? Tell me what you think of it in the comments.)Tri-Ball Logo 1.1

Tri-Ball Slogans

Here you will find the rules in a PDF file


Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is by far my favourite football game, especially PES 2012. I don’t know why most people like FIFA so much. PES 2012 has many different modes such as Exhibition, Champions League, Become a Legend, Master League, Extra Content, and many more. Master League is a mode where you are the Manager of a team. Become a Legend is where you are just one player as you go on your career.

I can’t wait for PES 2013, here is the trailer:

League of Leagues

Currently the app I use most on my iPod Touch is “The Football App”.  It has the most interesting information: recent news, video clips, up to date results and tables.  And for live matches, there’s a ticker showing you everything that is happening (great if you can’t watch the match).

The number 1 game I play at the moment is PES 2012 (I just started playing PES2013 demo – it’s really good).  I also play football with my dad in the garden as often as possible.  So, overall I know a lot about football now and it’s my favourite pastime.

I was thinking about which world league is the best.  National teams are the best players from that country, club teams are the best players that the team has bought, why not have league teams which would have the best players from that league? My main reason I would like this is because leagues like Liga BBVA have Messi and Ronaldo but they’re from different countries and different clubs. What if they played in the same team?

I made four teams: Spain, England, Italy and the rest of the world.  Each team would have the best players from that country’s top league. The rest of the world is then all leagues other than Spain, England and Italy.  Here are my teams:

Spain's League Team

Spain’s League Team

England's League Team

England’s League Team

Rest of the World's League Team

Rest of the World’s League Team

Italy's League Team

Italy’s League Team

List of players and substitutes

List of players and substitutes

Did you notice my nickname for Fabregas?  It’s PrinCesc Fabregas.  This is because in PES 2012 the commentator trying to say, “It’s Cesc Fabregas”, sounds like he is saying “Princess Fabregas”.

I would want each team to play each other twice in a league.  This would mean that each team would get 6 games.  I can imagine the league table looking something like this by the end of the tournament:

League table

I think Spain would win because they have some of the best players in the world.

This is what I think the goal tally would end like:

Scorer table

Obviously Messi gets the Golden Boot with a brilliant average of 2 goals a game.  This is what he has already got in this season’s Spanish league.  Also, Ronaldo is not in such good form at the moment (he hasn’t scored in 2 games and Madrid have 1 point out of 6).  Otherwise he’d be 2nd.

I wonder if this tournament would ever take place.  I really hope it does.  It’d be as exciting as the World Cup.

Euro 2012

Recently I’ve been watching the Euros.  It is the first tournament where I’ve actually watched full matches.  Lots of matches have had amazing goals, especially long range shots.  There’s been no 0-0 draws either, it’s been very exciting.

Here are my predictions for the remaining matches:

Euro 2012 predictions

My favourite goals so far are by Ibrahimovic and Balotelli: