Another Only Fools and Horses animated gif – The Del Fall (through the bar)

Because of Jamie’s comment (he’s my Dad’s best friend), I made the clip of Del Boy falling in the wine bar, here it is:

Del Fall


Sorry, BBC (but not much)

Looks like I owe BBC an apology, they ANNIHILATED the OFAH (Only Fools and Horses) video from yesterday’s post. Apparently, it’s copyright infringement to have a short clip of a programme. However, there are 32,900 OFAH videos on YouTube that haven’t been NUKED. So stop picking on a 10 year old fan, BBC – please don’t sue me, I’m sorry (but not much).

I’m gonna make an animation of that video so that I can share it without being exploded by BBC’s tactical nukes.

Classic Comedy

I like old comedies, they can be very funny. I would say my favourite old comedy is ‘Only Fools and Horses’, it’s hilarious. I also like ‘Friends’ and ‘Blackadder’, however, I haven’t seen much of ‘Blackadder’ yet. I’ve seen loads of episodes of ‘Friends’ as it’s on all the time on Comedy Central.

I think the funniest thing that I have ever seen is a scene from ‘Only Fools and Horses’. For some reason, it wasn’t on YouTube, so I uploaded it. Here it is: 

My dad already had the DVD of the episode (it is a Christmas Special from 1996) and he told me to use an open source program called AVIDEMUX to make cuts to the video and keep only my favourite scene.

Batman and Robin (redbreast)

Today I saw a robin in the garden when I was on the trampoline after I had watered my plants.  This reminded me of a card I saw in the shops which said “Robin Hoodie” and had a picture of a robin redbreast wearing a hoodie.  And then I thought of Batman and Robin.

I drew this picture in GIMP by finding a batman picture, a robin picture and changing the size of the robin, making it transparent and sticking him on Batman’s shoulder.  It was then obvious he would do a poo.

🙂 😎 o-{