New Song

“Jazz Hands”, the next song I was planning, has been delayed (I can’t find which computer I saved it on).  Instead, I composed a completely different song.  It’s called “Nebula”.  This is my first full-length song as it is over 4 minutes (unlike my first song “a alien or sutin” which was only 2 minutes). I called it “Nebula” because the song reminded me of space. I made a video by collecting together pictures of nebulae and then ordering them into my top 25.

The song will be on my album “Flower Power Rangers”.


My First Music Video

“A Alien or Sutin 👽” is now on Youtube!  I made the amazing video using the great Windows Movie Maker (it’s free software and really easy to learn). I made the images using Gimp of course. Altogether, it took 2 hours to make the video (I think the song took 3 hours to make – but I did it over a month).

The next song coming in my album (“Flower Power Rangers”) will be called “Jazz Hands” (I’m working on it now). As you can probably tell, the song will be jazz. Also, I have a brand new keyboard!


My First GarageBand Song

I have finally made a song on GarageBand.  I thought of doing this song when I heard an apple loop (the rock guitar in the background from 1:00).  The rest of the instruments I added by using Smart Drums. I have now published it on Soundcloud. It is called “A Alien Or Sutin 👽” (the alien doesn’t show up in the title on Soundcloud). Here it is:

The Symphony of Bang Goes The Theory

When I first heard this I was thinking how do they do that? Then my dad told me they used a program called autotune. So I looked on Wikipedia and it said it is used to correct the pitch in voices and instruments. I found it amazing that it could change normal speech into a song.

You should check out the BBC website.  Also, definitely take The Big Risk Test that was made by Cambridge University.  I got a score of 85 and 80 and in the spinner round I got 215 (my Dad got 115, haha).  Tell me your scores in the comments.