As one of my summer holidays projects, I have done grass.  Most people think of it as a weed, but after watching ‘How to Grow a Planet’, I changed my mind. Read the pdf document and learn about the amazing evolutionary history of grass: how it battled against giant trees (and won, with fire), staved off herbivores (for a while) and helped spark human civilization (by starting farming).  Once you have read it, you should still watch ‘How to Grow a Planet’, it is very interesting.


Death of the Dinos

I have made a new project, it is called ‘Death of the Dinos’ and it is about the theories of how dinosaurs may have become extinct. It also has ways to stop those theories if they happen to us. If you have Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, you can see some awesome transitions I have done; if you have an older version, you won’t see the transitions but you can still read the text. To get the presentation, click here.