I have played computer games all my life.  The first game I think was Driver 3 (“Driv3r”) on the Xbox.  I used to drive very carefully trying to not to hurt any person walking but I kept on crashing into walls.  I was about 4 years old.

I have got a PS3. The games I have on it are Little Big Planet, Pro Evolution Soccer (2008 and 2009), Top Spin 3, Sega Rally, Burnout Paradise and lots more I no longer play.

I also have a Wii.  On this console, my favourite games are Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario & Sonic at The Olympics and Winter Games, Super Mario Bros and a few more hardly worth a mention (like Rampage, Speed Racer and Sega Superstar Tennis).

AND, I have a DS Lite with a “G6DS Real” chip and hundreds of games.

Plus, we still have the old Xbox and a PS2. I play web games as well and finally, there’s always my dad’s iPhone for when we’re away and I’m bored.


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