Child Genius

Some of you may know that the program ‘Child Genius‘ has just started on Channel 4. It is about very clever children and what they do. 1500 people in London and South East England were recommended by schools and psychologists (in my case, professor Joan Freeman). Online, I did a test, it had interesting questions I had never done before.

I was one of the 200 people who passed and got to go to City of Westminster College. While we were there, we did a test and an interview. The test was matrices and got progressively harder. The interview was filmed and I was with my mum. I did a presentation on Tri-Ball for 5 minutes and then nearly half an hour of interview which I really enjoyed.  It was a whole day and we got to play outside with Dad and Jai but were called back in to get the results.  I was to progress to the next round – only 30 children were chosen out of the 200.

The next round was at the Wall to Wall HQ and was again a whole day. Dad was at work but joined me, mum and Jai at lunchtime as he was working close by that day. There was an IQ test – The Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices (Plus Version, 2004). I thought I did quite well and it turns out I did extremely well.  Here are my results:

Ravens test results

Ravens test results

After this round, from the 30 in each region, only about 5 would get selected so that in total there would be 20 on the programme.  I did the WISC-IV test this time and again did very well but I didn’t make it through. Here are my results:

WISC-IV test results

WISC-IV test results

The main decision was at this point in the hands of Channel 4 and not Wall to Wall or any psychologists. I had mixed feelings about not getting through. On the one hand “I’D BE ON TV!!!”.  But on the other hand, “I’d be on TV”. I would get recognised but I’m sure I’d get quite nervous. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise.


Clash of Clans Tactics

In Clash of Clans I have a few tactics I always use defensively and offensively.

My village is quite good defensively, it looks like this:My Village

At the moment I like to attack with 60 archers, 60 barbarians and 1 dragon, I do have minions but I find them useless. The most successful attack I do is 3 dragons, 40 archers and 40 barbarians, just this takes ages to train and costs a lot of elixir to train.


The most important building is your Town Hall, so I have put it in the centre with a wall around it. Then I have placed defences that cause splash damage near the Town Hall (this is mortars and wizard towers). I also have a hidden Tesla and a cannon nearby. The other 4 cannons are in the outer ring along with archer towers. I have placed less important buildings like army camps, barracks, builder’s huts, etc in the furthest corners as this will slow down raiders.



Barbarians are the cheapest troops and they are great for distracting defences, also they are good in big groups.Archers

Archers are good for long-range attacks and are useful for getting just outside of defences’ ranges. Sadly they are weak.Goblins

Goblins are great for taking loot but are quite weak.Giants

Giants are good for taking a lot of damage but don’t do much damage and take up 5 housing space.Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers are good for destroying walls but die in the process.Balloons

Balloons are good for destroying defences but can be killed easily with air defences.Wizards

Wizards are like archers but they take up 4 housing space.Healers

Healers heal other ground troops when they are damaged.Dragons

At the moment dragons are my favourite troops as they are the best I have, they are great for destroying buildings quickly.Pekkas

Pekkas are amazing at destroying buildings but are expensive and take ages to train.Minions

Personally, I don’t like minions because they die quite quickly.Hog Riders

I have never had Hog Riders but they seem to be very good as walls don’t affect them.Valkyries

I have seen a video with an attack with 30 valkyries and they are really good.Golems

I have seen a video with golems as well and they survive for ages, the only problem is their damage per second is only a bit better than balloons.

Clash of Clans

What is ‘Clash of Clans’?

Clash of Clans is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Clash of Clans was made by Supercell (a Finnish company) – the same place as Rovio (creators of ‘Angry Birds’). It is only available on iOS devices at the moment.  It is a game where you create your own village and use gold and elixir to buy upgrades, new buildings, defences, gold mines and elixir collectors. You can buy gems with real money to buy extra builder’s huts, extra resources and skip upgrades and buildings being created. You can attack other villages with your specially selected trained troops. This is the easiest way to get loot quickly. You can also attack goblins in single player mode to get loot but you don’t get much. In Clash of Clans, you can build the clan castle to make a clan with other people and you can chat with your clanmates.

My Clan

I am the third best player (trophy wise) in my clan, however I am the only person to have:

  • Dark Elixir Storage
  • Dragons
  • Dark Barracks
  • Proof that I have DragonsMinions

You should join my clan, anyone with 600 trophies or more is welcome, it’s called ‘The Cool Afros’ (I didn’t think of the name).

My Clan

Lua programming

Lua is a programming language like C, but it’s a lot easier to learn. Lua is one of the simplest programming languages and was made in 1993. Me and my dad have started to learn it and we’re really enjoying experimenting with it.

We made a simple ‘guess the number’ game. Even though Lua is a lot simpler than C, it was still quite hard to create it. Firstly, the random number function didn’t work so we had to call it twice and add a seed which was, in this case, the time in seconds. The reason for this was because the random number was only random once because its starting number (seed) stayed the same each round. Next, the random number stayed the same because the seed didn’t change much when it was the time. Therefore, we had to call the random number again to make it random enough (nothing is totally random).

It looked like this (I have included a screenshot from SciTe which is a Lua editor because WordPress cannot highlight Lua code properly):

guess the number lua code screenshot

--[[  Guess the number game, by Jeevan

computer thinks of a number between 1 and arg[1]
if no arg then 1 to 100
computer asks user "guess my number"
it then tells the user whether the computer's number is higher or lower (or equal) than the guess
once guessed computer tells user the number of guesses


-- variables
local maxNumber, theNumber, userGuess, numTries

numTries = 0

-- check arguments
if (#arg == 1)
maxNumber = tonumber(arg[1])
maxNumber = 100
-- check we actually got a number
if (maxNumber == nil or maxNumber <= 1 or maxNumber > 1000000)
print("That was not a valid number (for this game), using default of 100")
maxNumber = 100

theNumber = math.random()
theNumber = math.random(maxNumber) -- the first random() always comes back the same or is predictable even with randomseed, so we use the 2nd one
print("I thought of a number between 1 and " .. maxNumber .. "; can you guess it?")

userGuess = tonumber(
numTries = numTries + 1

if (userGuess == nil or userGuess < 1 or userGuess > maxNumber) -- check we actually got a number
print("That was not a valid number (but it does count as a go so be careful fat fingers).")
elseif (userGuess < theNumber)
elseif (userGuess > theNumber)

if (numTries == 5 or numTries >= 10)
print ("Come on, you're rubbish at this game.")

until userGuess == theNumber

print("You got it in " .. numTries .. " goes.")


Sorry, BBC (but not much)

Looks like I owe BBC an apology, they ANNIHILATED the OFAH (Only Fools and Horses) video from yesterday’s post. Apparently, it’s copyright infringement to have a short clip of a programme. However, there are 32,900 OFAH videos on YouTube that haven’t been NUKED. So stop picking on a 10 year old fan, BBC – please don’t sue me, I’m sorry (but not much).

I’m gonna make an animation of that video so that I can share it without being exploded by BBC’s tactical nukes.