A few months ago I used to have GNU (GNU not UNIX) / Linux Edubuntu 10.11 Maverick Meerkat on my mum’s old computer that I used. About a month later it started to crash a lot. I do not know what was causing it to crash but it was probably Adobe Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox. Now I share a computer with my mum and my sister that already has her own computer. I have Windows 7 now which is good, but not as good as Linux so my dad set up a Virtual Box with Linux. I tried to install Edubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal alpha version because I wanted to check for bugs but it had errors when I installed it. I guess I have to wait till the full version is out. So now I installed 10.11 in the Virtual Box and I use it a lot. I have got lots of free games on it and one is a football management game and is quite good but not as good as SWOS or Championship Manager. Software Centre is similar to App Store which is great. Windows doesn’t have anything like it.

Also, I have been learning to use commands in the terminal. The first commands my dad told me were ls, cd, pwd and grep. Linux commands can have options to change what they do. So you can do “ls -lFart” to have details of all the files in the directory and most recent files at the bottom of the list”. Another one I made is “ls -pooFart”. Try it for yourself.

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