Game Reviews

Here are my game reviews for the games I play most often these days:

Sim City 4

Just like all the previous Sim Cities, you are the mayor of your own city. But in this version there is so much more detail. The buildings have more attributes and there is a Sim mode where you choose the people that live in different houses. The budget is more flexible so you can tax rich and poor differently. I can play for hours and then come back to my city again and again. It’s never ending and it feels great to see your creation.

9.5 / 10

Age of Empires : Rise of Rome Expansion

This is a great game where you have to lead your region to victory.


Sim City 3000 World edition

The same as the UK edition just with a building architect program.


Sim City 3000 UK edition

I have played this so much I would need to do a whole post about it. Soon!


Sim City Creator

The first Sim City with Sim mode but it is very simple. If you click on a Sim walking on a street in Sim mode it will either give a complement or an insult about your city.


Sim City DS

This was first Sim City game I ever played. You only have one advisor but this advisor complains and complements about every subject.


SWOS 2 (SWOS 96-97)

I have already done a whole post about this so click on this link


Super Mario Galaxy 2

A great 3D game with lots of levels. My favorite level is when you’re on a bird and you have to control it and there are bonuses as well.


Soul Calibur 2

My favourite fighting game. My three best characters are Kilik, Necrid and Spawn.



I have already done two posts on this so click on this link and this link.


Little Big Planet 2

A creative game with story mode, community and level creator. It was once my favourite game.