New Song

“Jazz Hands”, the next song I was planning, has been delayed (I can’t find which computer I saved it on).  Instead, I composed a completely different song.  It’s called “Nebula”.  This is my first full-length song as it is over 4 minutes (unlike my first song “a alien or sutin” which was only 2 minutes). I called it “Nebula” because the song reminded me of space. I made a video by collecting together pictures of nebulae and then ordering them into my top 25.

The song will be on my album “Flower Power Rangers”.


My First GarageBand Song

I have finally made a song on GarageBand.  I thought of doing this song when I heard an apple loop (the rock guitar in the background from 1:00).  The rest of the instruments I added by using Smart Drums. I have now published it on Soundcloud. It is called “A Alien Or Sutin 👽” (the alien doesn’t show up in the title on Soundcloud). Here it is: