If you have Mozilla Firefox, read on, if you donโ€™t, then get it, it is the best browser.


It has lots of extensions called Add-ons such as Adblock Plus, Flashblock, Tree Style Tab and many more. Adblock is so good at blocking adverts, I have never seen a single advert on this computer and all the computers I use have something that blocks adverts.


Personas decorate the top and bottom of your browser window. I have made two personas, check them out.

I used Gimp to make the mini narwhal persona and I copied my banner (look at the top of the screen) to make the jeevanslife persona.ย  It’s really easy to add your own personas once you have created them (as long as they are the right size).ย  I think I will create more soon.



Batman and Robin (redbreast)

Today I saw a robin in the garden when I was on the trampoline after I had watered my plants.  This reminded me of a card I saw in the shops which said “Robin Hoodie” and had a picture of a robin redbreast wearing a hoodie.  And then I thought of Batman and Robin.

I drew this picture in GIMP by finding a batman picture, a robin picture and changing the size of the robin, making it transparent and sticking him on Batman’s shoulder.  It was then obvious he would do a poo.

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜Ž o-{