New BBC Logo (Inspired by W1A)

Recently, I have been watching a comedy called W1A, it is a sitcom about BBC. My dad started watching this program before me, but luckily it is still only on episode 3, today is episode 4. In the 3rd episode, BBC hire a company called Perfect Curve to rebrand BBC for a new logo. In the section at the end where it shows scenes from the next episode, (which is today) it showed what they have come up with. Personally, I don’t think it’s very good, so I have made a new one. You compare them and say what you prefer in the comments.W1A screenshot - new BBC logo

Clues: My logo has to do with music and the colours are related to the letters B and C.BBC Logo 1.0


My New Gravatar

If you have a WordPress account, then you can make a gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar). My old one was an abstract picture, but now it is a G-Van (a van with the letter G on it). The problem is that your gravatar has to be a square shape so I had to crop most of it. I could’ve made it a square shape by adding a background that goes above the van but then the van would be tiny. Here is the full picture:


If you have Mozilla Firefox, read on, if you don’t, then get it, it is the best browser.


It has lots of extensions called Add-ons such as Adblock Plus, Flashblock, Tree Style Tab and many more. Adblock is so good at blocking adverts, I have never seen a single advert on this computer and all the computers I use have something that blocks adverts.


Personas decorate the top and bottom of your browser window. I have made two personas, check them out.

I used Gimp to make the mini narwhal persona and I copied my banner (look at the top of the screen) to make the jeevanslife persona.  It’s really easy to add your own personas once you have created them (as long as they are the right size).  I think I will create more soon.