My amazing goal on PES 2013

Recently when I have been playing PES 2013, I have scored some good goals, but none as good as this one:





League of Leagues

Currently the app I use most on my iPod Touch is “The Football App”.  It has the most interesting information: recent news, video clips, up to date results and tables.  And for live matches, there’s a ticker showing you everything that is happening (great if you can’t watch the match).

The number 1 game I play at the moment is PES 2012 (I just started playing PES2013 demo – it’s really good).  I also play football with my dad in the garden as often as possible.  So, overall I know a lot about football now and it’s my favourite pastime.

I was thinking about which world league is the best.  National teams are the best players from that country, club teams are the best players that the team has bought, why not have league teams which would have the best players from that league? My main reason I would like this is because leagues like Liga BBVA have Messi and Ronaldo but they’re from different countries and different clubs. What if they played in the same team?

I made four teams: Spain, England, Italy and the rest of the world.  Each team would have the best players from that country’s top league. The rest of the world is then all leagues other than Spain, England and Italy.  Here are my teams:

Spain's League Team

Spain’s League Team

England's League Team

England’s League Team

Rest of the World's League Team

Rest of the World’s League Team

Italy's League Team

Italy’s League Team

List of players and substitutes

List of players and substitutes

Did you notice my nickname for Fabregas?  It’s PrinCesc Fabregas.  This is because in PES 2012 the commentator trying to say, “It’s Cesc Fabregas”, sounds like he is saying “Princess Fabregas”.

I would want each team to play each other twice in a league.  This would mean that each team would get 6 games.  I can imagine the league table looking something like this by the end of the tournament:

League table

I think Spain would win because they have some of the best players in the world.

This is what I think the goal tally would end like:

Scorer table

Obviously Messi gets the Golden Boot with a brilliant average of 2 goals a game.  This is what he has already got in this season’s Spanish league.  Also, Ronaldo is not in such good form at the moment (he hasn’t scored in 2 games and Madrid have 1 point out of 6).  Otherwise he’d be 2nd.

I wonder if this tournament would ever take place.  I really hope it does.  It’d be as exciting as the World Cup.


LBP (little big planet) is a game where you play levels with a character called sack-boy that you can decorate.

LBP 2 is going to come out in November-January. The Developer of it is Media Molecule, The Designers are Mark Healey and Dave Smith and the publishers are Sony.

It will be played on Playstation 3 and PSP. Click here to see a trailer of LBP 2. I can’t wait till it comes out. It looks even better than LBP and that is such a great game.

I’ve designed and published 3 levels

  1. Alien World, the average rating is 4 star with 3 people playing it.
  2. Alien World Ultimate Edition, the average rating is 2 star with 2 people hearting and 16 people playing it
  3. Rocket Out Of Control, the average rating is 2 star with one person hearting it and 26 people playing it.

I am looking forward to designing new levels in LBP2.