SWOS careers and tactics

I have been playing SWOS a lot lately.  But I have to wait till Dad is back from work which is ages of waiting because he has it on his computer only.  When I get my own laptop I will definitely get SWOS on Windows and Linux.

I started with a career in India with the team Border Security.  This was so easy and I could only stay in India and job offers never came from other places.  Next I did a career in Italy.  Starting with Fiorentina.  Making them bankrupt, then taking a job offer from Juventus.  Here I did very well and left the team with over 20 million.  I then went to Parma and did very well and now have about 45 million pounds.  I saved this so that I could keep playing it but also took a job offer from Arsenal and saved that in a new file.  At Arsenal I have done the best possible.  I won the quadruple (Premier League, FA Cup, league cup and European Cup).  And I did it twice in a row.  While still making lots of money.

The best players I have owned so far are: Peter Beardsley, Ravanelli, Bergkamp, Ian Wright, Vialli and Zola.  Strikers gain the most in value.  My Dad showed me how to edit the tactics to get everyone in the team happy.  The tactics I now use are S433 which means super 433.  All my players have a tick and the team has a flashing tick with these tactics.  You can use my careers and tactics if you like.

To show you the career and tactic files, WordPress wouldn’t let me upload the zip files.  So my Dad suggested that we rename the zip files to something that WordPress allows.  The screenshot below shows the renaming to doc files.

commands to rename SWOS files

Here they are.



You should save them and not open them in Word.  Then you can rename them to .zip files again like below screenshot

commands to re-rename SWOS career and tactic files

Please comment if you like my tactics or careers.  Or you can share your ones with me as well.  I cannot believe how such an old game is so good.

If you still haven’t got it then get you need to get dosbox and then get the game from here (look for this file “PC (DOS) – SWOS v1.0 (95/96) » Download ZIP (3.757 kB)”).  When my Dad was looking for the link where he originally got the game from we discovered that we were playing SWOS 1.0 and that there are later versions like SWOS 96-97 also available.  I am downloading it now and will try this version out and let you know if it is better.

🙂  😎  0-{