Classic Comedy

I like old comedies, they can be very funny. I would say my favourite old comedy is ‘Only Fools and Horses’, it’s hilarious. I also like ‘Friends’ and ‘Blackadder’, however, I haven’t seen much of ‘Blackadder’ yet. I’ve seen loads of episodes of ‘Friends’ as it’s on all the time on Comedy Central.

I think the funniest thing that I have ever seen is a scene from ‘Only Fools and Horses’. For some reason, it wasn’t on YouTube, so I uploaded it. Here it is: 

My dad already had the DVD of the episode (it is a Christmas Special from 1996) and he told me to use an open source program called AVIDEMUX to make cuts to the video and keep only my favourite scene.


New Song

“Jazz Hands”, the next song I was planning, has been delayed (I can’t find which computer I saved it on).  Instead, I composed a completely different song.  It’s called “Nebula”.  This is my first full-length song as it is over 4 minutes (unlike my first song “a alien or sutin” which was only 2 minutes). I called it “Nebula” because the song reminded me of space. I made a video by collecting together pictures of nebulae and then ordering them into my top 25.

The song will be on my album “Flower Power Rangers”.

My First Music Video

“A Alien or Sutin 👽” is now on Youtube!  I made the amazing video using the great Windows Movie Maker (it’s free software and really easy to learn). I made the images using Gimp of course. Altogether, it took 2 hours to make the video (I think the song took 3 hours to make – but I did it over a month).

The next song coming in my album (“Flower Power Rangers”) will be called “Jazz Hands” (I’m working on it now). As you can probably tell, the song will be jazz. Also, I have a brand new keyboard!