Graphene is an amazing new material that can be used for almost anything. Here, I have written a powerpoint presentation about it (look out for my idea about graphene alloys that I call “GRALLOYS”):




As one of my summer holidays projects, I have done grass.  Most people think of it as a weed, but after watching ‘How to Grow a Planet’, I changed my mind. Read the pdf document and learn about the amazing evolutionary history of grass: how it battled against giant trees (and won, with fire), staved off herbivores (for a while) and helped spark human civilization (by starting farming).  Once you have read it, you should still watch ‘How to Grow a Planet’, it is very interesting.

Death of the Dinos

I have made a new project, it is called ‘Death of the Dinos’ and it is about the theories of how dinosaurs may have become extinct. It also has ways to stop those theories if they happen to us. If you have Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, you can see some awesome transitions I have done; if you have an older version, you won’t see the transitions but you can still read the text. To get the presentation, click here.

The Standard Model Extension

In the last post I explained The Standard Model, there is just one problem, it is incomplete. I have created my own theory of how dark matter and dark energy could fit in The Standard Model. In my theory, there are two anti-quarks for dark matter called the Jeevan quark (sign of G) and the Jai quark (sign of J). As the dark matter quarks are anti-quarks the charges would be -2/3 for the G quark and +1/3 for the J quark. Dark energy is a lepton in my theory and is called zeta (sign of ζ) named after the 6th Greek letter. I believe the reason we haven’t seen dark matter and dark energy is because a boson called delta (sign of δ) named after the 4th Greek letter, detects particles that aren’t dark and alerts the dark matter and dark energy to shrink. Some people think there is a graviton for gravity, but I think gravity is part of mass and mass is explained in the Higgs boson. Here is the complete diagram:GJ-Zeta Standard Model

I bet you didn’t notice the name of this post has 2 meanings. 😉 😎

____            ___       .  ,,  ,, .
 ', \,__   __,'',/      . .:>}}Y{{<:. .'
   \    \/'   ./       ' .'. ''W' ' .' .
     \       /                 "
       \    /      ,-----------"--,
        |   \____/'            /-\ \
         \                    ' .O  `\
          |          ,--     |\_______)
           |       <'   ,     "/ / / /
            `,      '~~~'    /'/'/'/'
__   __   __
/  ___ \-  `___`"-,
`"-( @ )----( @ )---`
    '-'      '-'
__              __                __
          _|__|_          _|__|_            _|__|_
           (*-)            (*-)              (*-)
        --(  * )--      --(  * )--        --(  * )--
         (   *  )        (   *  )          (   *  )
    \\   //  ********
     \\\//  *******

The Standard Model

Recently, my dad taught me ‘The Standard Model’ of physics. It is made up of quarks, leptons and bosons. Three quarks make up a proton or a neutron. It depends what the combination of quarks are there to make different hadrons (proton/neutron), e.g. 2 up quarks and 1 down quark make a proton, 1 up quark and 2 down quarks make a neutron. I know that because an up quark has a +2/3 charge and a down quark has a -1/3 charge. The Higgs Boson is an undiscovered particle that will explain mass. I drew a diagram to explain better:

Standard model higgs

The Standard Model

I also drew another diagram showing what makes matter, it explains how crucial quarks are to make everything. It also shows what everything is made of and the layout of atoms, molecules, nuclei and quarks. Oh and what quarks are made of is still a mystery (some people think it could be strings, but that sounds silly to me, haha silly strings 😉 😎 ).  Here is the diagram:

Done by J33v@n

Diagram of matter to quarks

Bose-Einstein Condensate, The Sequel

One day when I was thinking, I had a great thought:  What happens when you put Bose-Einstein condensate into room temperature or into a very hot place very quickly? So usually it is made by freezing liquid helium to ultimately low temperatures (like a fraction above absolute zero (0 Kelvin or -273 degrees Celsius)). Normally if you freeze something and then heat it, it goes back to its original form, e.g. steam –> water –> ice –> water –> steam. But Bose-Einstein condensate would probably change permanently when the helium atoms turn into waves.

Mum said that it is the same as with eggs, once you boil an egg then even when it gets to room temperature it stays a solid. But eggs are not from a single similar molecule (water is just H2O and Bose Einstein condensate would have been helium). Eggs are surprisingly complex. And so is Bose-Einstein condensate but in a different way. I couldn’t find anything on the internet about this idea; surely somebody has done this experiment already.

The Symphony of Bang Goes The Theory

When I first heard this I was thinking how do they do that? Then my dad told me they used a program called autotune. So I looked on Wikipedia and it said it is used to correct the pitch in voices and instruments. I found it amazing that it could change normal speech into a song.

You should check out the BBC website.  Also, definitely take The Big Risk Test that was made by Cambridge University.  I got a score of 85 and 80 and in the spinner round I got 215 (my Dad got 115, haha).  Tell me your scores in the comments.