I like Astronomy especially hypernovas, black holes and gamma ray bursts.


Hypernovas are giant stars that have exploded. Here is a picture of one:


Black holes

Black holes are created when very big stars explode.  So the core of a hypernova could become a black hole.  Black holes have the most gravity anywhere in the Universe.  Even light cannot come out from them. Einstein wrongly estimated that black holes wouldn’t exist.

Gamma ray bursts

Gamma ray bursts are the most powerful energetic explosions in the universe.  They only last for a few seconds at a time and they fire out gamma rays in 2 directions.  I heard about them on a documentary series called “Science of the Impossible” in an episode called “How to blow up a planet”.  The maker of the programme is Michio Kaku and he is a physicist who is a sci-fi fan.